Drs. Armstrong and Black Named Among the Duke Centennial Spotlights &Trailblazers


Dr. Brenda Armstrong (SoM) changed Duke as an undergraduate student activist and later as a noted pediatric cardiologist and medical school dean of admissions. Her efforts to attract a more diverse student body advanced excellence across the school. Dr. Sherilynn Black (SoM and Faculty Advancement) is a neuroscientist and university administrator, whose work is supporting a new generation of talented scholars. She leads a national initiative to develop creative ways to strengthen mentorship, professional development, and support for faculty at all points in their career. The Black Think Tank extends our appreciation for Drs Armstrong & Black's service and leadership! Read the full articles on the Duke Centennial Website:

Dr. Brenda Armstrong: https://100.duke.edu/story/brenda-armstrong

Dr. Sherilynn Black: https://100.duke.edu/story/sherilynn-black/