Black Student Alliance (BSA)

For the purposes of intellectually, socially, and culturally enriching the Duke community, the Black Student Alliance promotes academic achievement and intellectual pursuit, cultivates dynamic leadership, and strives to eliminate social barriers for all.  Ultimately, the Black Student Alliance recognizes the humanity of others and demands that they do the same.

Duke Council on Race and Ethnicity (DCORE)

The Duke Council on Race and Ethnicity (DCORE) is an interdisciplinary association of centers, working groups, and scholars who are researching and writing about the cultural, political, legal, and social dimensions and consequences of racial and ethnic identities. Our scholars pursue projects that create original synergies across various fields of inquiry at Duke and beyond. DCORE seeks to help society to better understand and evaluate which institutional, ethical, and legal processes and which social policies and norms are most likely to promote equity across all domains of human interactions.