Antwan Lofton (HR) has been appointed as the new vice president for Human Resources, effective March 1, 2023. Lofton had been serving as the interim vice president for Human Resources since 2022 while also holding the position of assistant vice president for Staff and Labor Relations and Staff and Family Programs since 2017. He brings more than 20 years’ experience and he will oversee HR policy, compliance, benefits, diversity recruitment, and talent advancement. read more about Antwan Lofton Named Vice President for Human Resources »

As the discourse on Black History Month continues, Dr. Lee Baker (CulAnt) shared his views on the challenges that educators face with teaching Black history. In this interview to ABC, he discusses the AAS framework offered by the College Board and emphasizes that if you remove African American History, we will miss an important part of the American experience.  read more about Dr. Lee Baker discusses on challenges faced by Educators with teaching Black History »

Nearly three years after the police killing of George Floyd, law enforcement leaders, assembled vast reports and recommendations to reduce violent police encounters. Professor Elana Fogel (Law) s discussed that laws that are made to address police accountability are not enough, but enforcement is key  in prosecutorial decision-making context. Read more. read more about Professor Elana Fogel Discusses Accountability Culture Three Years Post George Floyd »

In the new essay titled “The Love Languages of Black Fatherhood.” Professor Neal (AAAS) shared that the concept pays homage to “The Five Love Languages,” categorizing five ways people give and receive love.The essay is  based on his experiences as a father to two daughters, depictions of black fatherhood in media and society, and  memories of his dad. Read more! read more about Professor Mark Anthony Neal: The Love Languages of Black Fatherhood »

When Dr. Anthony Fuller (SOM) co-founded the first division dedicated to improving global care for neurology and neurosurgery in the United States. Since then, the Division of Global Neurosurgery and Neurology (DGNN) has provided care for thousands of patients, built infrastructure for sustainable care in multiple countries, and published more than 100 peer reviewed manuscripts.  . In this interview he shares how equity, diversity, and inclusion shape his work in the United States and abroad, and his hopes… read more about Meet Dr. Anthony Fuller: Providing neurological care across the globe »

Congratulations to Professor Mark Anthony Neal ( AAAS) who is among the winners of the 47th Annual Prose Awards from the Association of American Publisher school Described as works that covered wide breadth of excellence, diversity, and merit in scholarly works in all areas of academic study, Professor Neal’s book titled: Black Ephemera: The Crisis and Challenge of the Musical Archive won the award in the “Music and Performing Arts” category. Read More. read more about Professor Mark Anthony Neal Receives the 2023 AAP Prose Awards  »

Congratulations to  Dr. Brigit M. Carter (Nursing) as she joins  American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) as their new Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer Dr. Carter retired from the School of Nursing (DUSON) after serving in different capacities for 18 years. This month, she received the Distinguished Faculty Award at the Samuel DuBois Cook Faculty Award. The award recognizes the honoree’s community members who follow Dr. Cook's example of social activism and… read more about Dr. Brigit Carter Honored with Samuel Cook Dubois Award, Takes on New Role as Chief Diversity, Officer for AACN" »

Dr. Samira Musah’s (Pratt) research focuses on leveraging pluripotent stem cells, bioengineering and organ-on-a-chip technologies to understand more about human kidney development, disease, and therapy. She spoke with the journal Development on the nature of her work including her path to independence, mentorship, and her love for yoga.  Click to read more. read more about Meet Dr. Samira Musah: Transitions in Development »

Drs. Nikki Lane (GSFS) and Mark Anthony Neal (AAAS) were guest speakers on a PBS panel discussing of how hip hop changed the world. Both scholars shared their experiences from when the first heard of and fell in love with hip-hop, and the global influence of the genre. Click to watch! read more about Drs Nikki Lane and Mark Anthony Neal Featured in Fight the Power: How Hip Hop Changed the World. »

For his work in developing capacity building programs on cardiovascular global health, Dr. Gerald Bloomfield (SOM) has been elected to the American Society for Clinical Investigations. Every year, ASCI inducts a selective group of scholars who has excelled in the field of academic medicine. The induction ceremony will hold on April 21, 2023. See the complete list of inductees here. read more about Dr. Gerald Bloomfield Elected to the American Society for Clinical Investigations »

The Hastings Center honors a selective group of leading researchers who have made a distinguished contribution to the field of complex ethical issues in health, health care, science, and technology. Among the 2023 fellows is Dr. Patrick T Smith (Divinity) whose research and writings are in the areas of moral philosophy, bioethics, theological ethics, end-of-life care, and religious social ethics. Read more. read more about Dr. Patrick T Smith elected to the Hastings Center Fellow Association. »

Congratulations to Drs. Shani B. Daily (Pratt), Deondra Rose (Sanford) and Lee Baker (CulAnt) who are among the faculty commended by President. Price for their dedication to service and excellence in leading the QuadEX program.  The goal of QuadEX is to reshape the experience of Duke’s residential students by creating a climate promoting community, health, and inclusion. Click to read more! read more about QuadEx Program Receives the 2023 Duke Presidential Award!  »

In this interview to The Scientist, Dr. Chantell Evans (SoM),  shared how her PhD in molecular and cellular pharmacology at the University of Wisconsin–Madison in 2009 led her to tracking mitochondrial cleanup in neurons and eventually launching her lab at Duke University where she continues to probe mitophagy in the brain. Read more. read more about Dr. Chantell Evans: Tracking Mitochondrial Cleanup in Neurons »

In this interview, Dr Keisha Bentley-Edwards (SOM) shared what Black History Month means to her. She described it as a time for personal reflection on the reasons why notable black people pioneered changes. Further, she discusses why health care practitioners and researchers need to know more about Black history to enable them understand  health disparities outcomes. Read more. read more about Dr. Keisha Bentley-Edwards – Using cultural lenses to understand how the world responds to Black Americans  »

Gina Fletcher (Law) whose expertise and scholarship focuses on complex financial instruments and market regulation argued this month, for more disclosure by private companies seeking capital from retail investors. She told the House Financial Services Committee that given the lack of transparency and consumer protections in the private markets, expanding access would come with heightened risk to those investors and the economy itself. Read more. read more about Professor Gina Fletcher testifies before House committee on proposals to expand private market accessProfessor  »

Having previously served as Graduate school Dean at two universities, Dr. Suzanne Barbour discusses her focus on fellowships, and collaboration, and departmental culture to s to support students’ training and address inequalities.  Professor Trina Jones, the Jerome M. Culp Distinguished Professor of Law, is on the ballot for serving in the academic council. Read more about their remarks on Duke Today. read more about Academic Council: Dr. Barbour on Graduate Education, Dr. Jones on the ballot »

Professor Luke Powery (Divinity),  the Dean of Duke University Chapel Dean, received  the 2023 Book of the Year award from the Academy of Parish Clergy! His book entitled "Becoming Human - The Holy Spirit and the Rhetoric of Race"  where he urges the church to live up to the inclusive story of Pentecost in its life of worship and ministry, while presenting  that the diversity of human bodies is one of the gifts of the Spirit. Read more. Order a copy of the book "Becoming Human"… read more about Congratulations to Professor Luke Powery, recipient of the 2023 APC Book of the Year award ! »

The article entitled: A “Reorder of Things” in Black Studies: Sacred Praxis, Phono(geo)graphy, and the Counter-Archive of Diaspora by Dr. Jarvis C. McInnis (English)  has won the 2023 Association for the Study of Worldwide African Diaspora (ASWAD) Article Prize. His article was published in Comparative Literature Studies and was recognized by ASWAD as an outstanding peer-reviewed article in African diaspora.  Read the full article Get a copy of the article: Jarvis C. McInnis: A “Reorder… read more about Congratulations Dr. Jarvis C. McInnis the 2023 ASWAD Article Prize Winner!  »

Having been recognized as a national leader,  Dr. Sherilynn Black (SoM and Office for Faculty Advancement) will chair a new initiative at the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine to discuss the important intersections between mentorship, professional development, and well-being, and how that would lead to improved academic outcomes at all levels. Read more about this initiative on Duke Today. read more about Dr. Sherilynn Black Will Lead a New Effort of the National Academies on Mentorship »

Dr. Kisha Daniels (Education) publishes a new policy brief with Sandford School of Public Policy, which appears on the Institute for Student Achievement (ISA) website.  The theme of the policy paper is centered on addressing the diversity gap that exist across the United States education, while proposing workable solutions for workforce diversity. Read More on the Policy brief. read more about Dr. Kisha Daniels Publishes Policy Briefs on Diversity & Education »

In the discussion on how political polarization began in the United States, Dr. Charmaine Royal (AAAS) said that the "The United States was never together in the first place. However, with The national Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation (TRHT) framework in Dukes, it provides an opportunity for a diverse group of people to come together and listen to and share authentic stories about their lives. Read more! read more about Professor Charmaine Royal Discusses Political Polarization and Racial Healing »

Congratulations to Dr. Gustavo Silva (Biology), who is among the 13 recipients of the Dean’s Award for inclusive excellence in graduate education. The Dean's Award recognizes outstanding efforts by faculty, graduate students, and departments/programs in mentoring, teaching, and creating inclusive spaces for graduate education. The recipients will be recognized at an in-person reception on March 30. Click the link below for the list of the recipients. More details about each recipient will be posted closer… read more about Dr. Gustavo Silva Receives the 2023 Dean’s Award for Excellence in Mentoring »

Congratulations to Dr. Brigit Carter (Nursing) for winning the Raymond Gavins Distinguished Faculty Award from the Samuel Dubois Cook Society. The award recognizes the honoree’s community members who follow Dr. Cook's example of social activism and leadership. Other recipients include Elaine M., Oneal (Service), Lisa Davis (Staff), Kamillah Kasam (Graduate Student) and Kansi Udochukwu (Undergraduate). The 2023 Awards Ceremony will be held at 5:30 PM on… read more about Congratulations to Dr. Brigit Carter , recipient of the 2023 Samuel DuBois Cook Faculty Award »

In this interview to Profiles in Brain Sciences, Dr. Jamila Minga (SoM) discusses her research investigating how people communicate differently after right hemisphere brain damage, including how those changes are affected by race. She also shares some of the joys and challenges of working with stroke survivors, and her loves of cooking, science fiction, and time with her family when she’s not at work. Click to read more. read more about Meet Dr. Jamila Minga, PhD: Communicating Through the Right Side of the Brain »

Shanna Fitzpatrick (CFO Graduate School), Sheba Hall (Coordinator, Medical Education),  and Gwendolyn Wright (Strategy, Cook Center) are among the eight individuals who earned Duke’s highest staff and faculty honors: The Presidential Award. The winners  will be honored with a ceremony at 4 p.m. Tuesday, February 28, in Page Auditorium. Following the ceremony, there will be a reception in Penn Pavilion. The duke community is invited to attend; please RSVP. read more about Fitzpatrick, Hall, and Wright Clinch Duke’s 2022-23 Presidential Award »

At Duke’s annual service honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on Sunday, bestselling author Mikki Kendall asked more than 250 people who had filed into the pews to look away from her and face each other. “Look for someone who looks nothing like you,” she said as she began her keynote address in Duke Chapel. “Now, if you have ever been poor, raise your hand. If you ever been stressed about a class, or about a job, raise your hand,” she said. All people share common experiences and struggles, even those who think they’ll never… read more about “To Fight for Equality, All Must Take a Turn ‘In the Ring” - Mikki Kendall gives keynote address at MLK service »