Dr. Toyosi Onwuemene is an associate professor in the School of Medicine (SoM), who is a specialist in hemostasis and thrombosis. On this special episode of women in hematology podcast, Dr. Onwuemene talk about the influence of her mentors in her career and the choices and opportunities for women in hematology, both in academic medicine and industry.  Learn more about her and listen to the episode. read more about Women in Hematology: A Conversation with Dr.Toyosi Onwuemene  »

Dr. William Darity (Sanford) has been recognized as a 2024 Distinguished Fellow by the American Economy Association (AEA). This award recognizes the lifetime research contributions of distinguished economists who served as past presidents of AEA. Reaffirming his pioneering contributions to economics and social equity, Dr. Darity's research has challenged cultural explanations for inequality and advocated for innovative structural changes. Read more about the award and Dr. Darity’s illustrious career here. read more about Dr. William Darity becomes an AEA 2024 Distinguished Fellow »

The Heart Rhythm Society has honored Dr. Kevin Thomas (SoM) with the 2024 James H. Youngblood Excellence in Leadership Award, an award recognizing exemplary leadership that has had to community-wide impact. Dr. Thomas serves in various leadership roles in the School of Medicine including as Vice Dean for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion and his extensive research in cardiovascular care disparities and stroke prevention, along with a commitment to mentorship, underscore his exceptional leadership and… read more about Dr.Kevin Thomas wins the 2024 James H. Youngblood Excellence in Leadership Award »

Dr. Thavolia Glymph (History), renowned for her transformative contributions to American history, has been inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. As a distinguished historian, she has spotlighted the often-overlooked experiences of Black women during the Civil War and Reconstruction era. Through acclaimed works like "Out of the House of Bondage" and "The Women’s Fight," Dr. Glymph reshapes historical narratives, revealing the pivotal roles of women across racial lines and emphasizing the… read more about Dr. Thavolia Glymph Elected to American Academy of Arts & Sciences! »

Dr. Kisha Daniels (Education) incorporates service-learning into her Critical Pedagogy of Hip Hop class. Partnering with sixth graders, they explore social issues through music, culminating in original hip-hop songs. Emphasizing practical application, Dr. Daniels inspires students to engage with education creatively, fostering enthusiasm and attendance among her middle school collaborators. Find out more about her work. read more about Dr. Kisha Daniel’s: Fostering Learning through Hip-Hop  »

In his new book "Facing the Unseen: The Struggle to Center Mental Health in Medicine," (Dr. Damon Tweedy, MD, (SoM) discusses the challenges of integrating physical and mental health care. Dr, Tweedy, a former cardiologist turned psychiatrist, emphasizes the harm caused by the historical separation of these disciplines. He advocates for early mental health training in medical education and embedding mental health services within general medical clinics, aiming for a more holistic approach to healthcare.… read more about Dr. Damon Tweedy Explores the Urgent Need to Integrate Physical and Mental Health Care »

In celebration of Duke’s centennial, deans Suzanne Barbour (The Graduate School), Gary Bennett (Trinity Arts & Sciences), and Luke Powery (Duke Chapel) unveiled bold visions for their schools. The Graduate School, under Dr. Barbour's leadership, prioritizes nurturing groundbreaking thinkers through adaptability and strong mentorship. Dr. Bennett champions enriching undergraduate experiences by fostering close scholar-student connections… read more about Deans Barbour, Bennett, and Powery share their school’s vision with Duke Magazine  »

Dr. Anthony Kelley (Music) uncovered an unfinished composition by jazz legend Mary Lou Williams, buried within the archives. Inspired to complete her work, Dr. Kelley immersed himself in Williams' music to capture her voice authentically. Collaborating with the Duke Wind Symphony, he realized Williams' vision, honoring her legacy and musical genius. Read more and watch the performance below.  read more about Music Professor Anthony Kelley Makes 'History...' »

Special congratulations to Dr. Kafui Dzirasa (Psychiatry & Behavioral Science), Provost Alec Gallimore (Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science), Dr Kimberly Sherell Johnson (Medicine), Prof. Veronica Root Martinez (Law).  Dr. Kevin O'Neil Saunders (Surgery), Dr. Kevin Lindsey Thomas (Medicine), Dr. Kanecia Obie Zimmerman (… read more about Distinguished Professorship Awarded to faculty Across Varied Disciplines »

Dr. William “Sandy” Darity (Sanford), speaking at the Pulitzer Center's '1619 Project' Education Conference, encouraged educators to think creatively about engaging students by exploring contemporary issues that resonate with them. His "The Black Reparations Project: A Handbook for Racial Justice," was also selected as a finalist for a 2024 PROSE Award from the Association of American Publishers in the Economics category. Read more here and watch the video below: read more about Dr. William Darity: 2024 Prose Awards Finalist and Speaker at the Pulitzer Center »

In this interview on her new book “Reimagining Liberation: How Black Women Transformed Citizenship in the French Empire” Dr. Annette Joseph-Gabriel (Romance Studies), challenges the singular narrative by highlighting the varied approaches to freedom among Black women activists. She called for a reevaluation of France's role in the field and advocated for amplifying the voices of marginalized scholars while acknowledging the challenges posed by the global pandemic to academic research and resources. In a… read more about Dr. Annette Joseph-Gabriel On Black Women, Frenchness and Decolonization »

Dr. Andrea E. Woods Valdés, chair of the Dance Program invited Juel D. Lane for a residency to re-imagine the future of Dance Classes at Duke. Lane showcased innovation and authenticity in his residency, culminating in "Discovering Your Voice: A Dance Class." The class emphasizes individuality, imagination and challenges traditional dance norms while nurturing each dancer's unique expression. Read more read more about The Future of Dance Classes, Dr. Andrea Woods-Valdes invites Juel D. Lane to Duke Dance »

At a recent election briefing for international journalists, Dr. Deondra Rose (Sanford) highlighted the potential for voter exhaustion among young people in the upcoming presidential election, emphasizing the importance of moving beyond the repetitive nature of the race to engage youth in the democratic process. She added that fostering understanding about the significance of participation in democracy is crucial to combatting voter fatigue and ensure meaningful engagement in elections. Read more. read more about Dr. Deondra Rose: Self-governance means very little if people don’t participate in Democracy »

Last month, black student-athletes shared the impact of the United Black Athletes (UBA) in helping them navigate challenges, form friendships, and engage with broader race issues. Founded in 2018, UBA offers a space for Black athletes to connect, share experiences, and advocate for social justice within the University, fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment. Learn more and figure out ways that faculty can engage with them. read more about Duke's United Black Athletes Foster Community »

In the interview with Faith & Leadership, Dean Luke Powery (Divinity) shared his perspective on preaching during a war or conflict. Dean Powery discusses that a preacher’s main task is not to make a political stand but to preach the gospel by showing how God lives amid human suffering. He further highlights the importance of humanizing the issue by focusing on the impact of war on individuals. Read the full interview here. read more about Dean Luke Powery: A preacher must humanize suffering. »

During the Grammys on Sunday in a speech that drew attention to the lack of recognition Black artists at the award show, Dr. Adriane Lentz-Smith (History) emphasized that the Grammys have repeatedly undermine innovations and contributions that Black artist’s have made to popular music and to its various genres. Read more on USA Today. read more about Dr. Adriane Lentz-Smith: "I don't read Jay-Z as speaking up just for Beyoncé,"  »

In this discourse, Dr. Keisha Bentley-Edwards (SoM) highlighted the historical impact of medical misconduct on Black communities' distrust in research. She emphasized the need for researchers to acknowledge historical inequities and actively include people of color in all studies. Read more on their insights. read more about Dr. Keisha Bentley-Edwards discusses Building inclusion into research practices: Improving accessibility  »

In her article to The Guardian, Dr. Tracie Canada (CulAnt) highlights the disingenuous nature of the "football family" narrative used by coaches, emphasizing that it crumbles when coaches quickly leave for better opportunities, often leaving players blindsided. She argued that despite recent changes in athlete rights and the transfer portal, players still lack the same mobility and opportunities as coaches, perpetuating an imbalance in the college sports system. Read more. read more about Dr. Tracie Canada: The myth of the college football family has nothing to do with love »

In this LA Times article, Dr. Mark Anthony Neal (AAAS) discussed the impact of the actor Jonathan Majors' behavior after being charged with assaulting and harassing his former girlfriend, actor Grace Jabbari. The out-of-touch way Major is navigating this situation might hurt him even more casting doubts on his ability to repair his reputation with Hollywood and the Black community.Read more here.   read more about Dr, Mark Anthony Neal: Jonathan Majors’ Public Missteps ‘made a bad situation worse »

Professor Stephen Hayes, (Art) 'Cash Crop,' has been  added  as one of the exhibits at The National Great Blacks In Wax Museum. Using concrete casts, he vividly portrayed the harrowing journey of millions during the Atlantic slave trade. The exhibit delves into the emotional and physical toll of enslavement, sparking crucial conversations about historical and present-day implications. Read more. read more about Professor Stephen Haye’s work added to The National Great Blacks In Wax Museum  »

Drs. Candis Smith (PoliSci) and Norbert Wilson (Sanford, Divinity) will serve as fellows in the 2024 Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) Academic Leaders Network. The ACC is designed to build awareness and effectiveness in the context of academic leadership and to provide opportunities to engage with peers across the ACC and discuss issues and trends in higher education. Read more. read more about Drs. Candis Smith and Norbert Wilson to serve in the 2024 ACC Academic Leadership Network »

Congratulations Dean Luke Powery (Divinity), the recipient of the 2024 Raymand Gavins Distinguished Faculty Award offered by the Samuel DuBois Cook Society. The award celebrates faculty who in their work and life nurtured a sense of community and belonging for Black people and is committed to translate the promise and potential of Black people at Duke into fulfillment and actuality. Read more about the award and the ceremony here. read more about Dean Powery received the 2024 Faculty Award from the Cook Society! »

Special congratulations to Dean. Suzanne Barbour (Cell Biology, SoM), Dr. Vicki Bogan, (Public Policy, Sanford), Provost Alec Gallimore (Mechanical Engineering and Material Science, Pratt), Dr. Anthony Kelley, (Music, Trinity A&S), Dean Luke Powery (Homiletics, Divinity), Dr. Candis Watts Smith (Political Science, Trinity A&S). Their achievement is a testament to their scholarly excellence nationally and… read more about Promotion to Full Professor Awarded to Faculty Across Varied Disciplines »

Prof. Johann Montozzi-Wood, (Theater Studies), is developing "Grandfathered In," a devised work exploring personal and universal themes of place and belonging, drawing inspiration from his biracial ancestry and using a non-binary, Afro-Futurist character to navigate a dream-like world, presented as a work-in-progress with live recordings of scenes and songs. Join the performance from February 29 to March 2 at the Shaefer Lab Theater. read more about Embodying Our Ancestors: Johann Montozzi-Wood’s "Grandfathered In" »

The Centennial event celebrated remarkable trailblazers including Dr. Joanne Wilson, a leading advocate for health and climate change; Dr. Samuel DuBois Cook, the first Black faculty member, honored through the Samuel DuBois Cook Society and Center on Social Equity; and Claudius "CB" Claiborne, Duke's inaugural Black basketball player, inspiring resilience and now a distinguished professor at Texas Southern University since 1969. Read more about their works here: read more about Duke 100: Drs. Cook ,Wilson and Claiborne and Their Legacy to Duke University and Beyond »

Claudius "CB" Claiborne, Duke's first Black basketball player in 1965, graduated in 1969, overcoming several challenges in a world that was still segregated. The Duke Basketball team honored him in 2023 with custom jerseys bearing Claiborne’s number 23. With three graduate degrees, he became a professor at Texas Southern University, exemplifying resilience, and success. Read more. A Bass connection project led by Drs. Martin Smith and Javier Wallace will produce a feature-length documentary on Duke men’s basketball history… read more about Dr. Claudius “CB” Claiborne receives Centennial Honor in 2023 »